A basic decline within the inventory marketplace

October 28, Kathmandu. On the first day of the week, the share market index Nepse has declined slightly. Shares worth Rs 4.96 billion were traded in the market, which declined by 1.38 points.

Nepse, which continued to decline last year, has reached 2688.92 points after falling on Sunday.

A total of 74.34 million shares of 230 companies were traded in the secondary market on Sunday. Shares of 103 companies rose today, while those of 75 fell. Similarly, share prices of eight companies did not fluctuate today.

Even in the declining market, the share price of Bottlers Nepal Terai rose today while the share price of the other three companies rose on the positive circuit label.

Shares of Mahalakshmi Development Bank, IC FC Finance and Nabil Bank traded higher in the secondary market today.


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