A Department League: ANFA will now not document a criticism towards the referee’s determination

28 Kartik, Kathmandu.

He was the coach of Biratnagar City Football Club in the first ever Nepal Super League (NSL).

Having coached Punjab FC and Aizawl FC in the Indian I (League), he was one of the top eight coaches in the NSL.

However, he continued to speak out against the referee’s decision in the competition, whether it was when he lost or when the result was in his favor.

Jan Lale continued to protest. Yan Lale once expressed his indignation that the standard of Nepali referee was not like that of a referee playing in a school competition in India.

Yan Lale also commented that Nepal’s referees would cause huge losses in football and that football would not make a leap due to such referees. Such allegations have not been made by other coaches in NSL, be it Shaheed Smarak A Division League or Mofasal competition.

Clubs and coaches are destined to appeal against the referee and speak to the media after losing the game. In a way, this tradition has settled down.

There has been a lot of controversy over the referee’s decision. Due to the referee, the participating clubs have been making various allegations. Not only that, Nepali football has been accused of assisting the referee even in match-fixing.

The All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) has said that the decision taken by the referee during the league starting from 3 November will be final and valid and no appeal will be taken against the decision of the referee.

ANFA has given the rules of the competition to the 14 clubs participating in the single round robin league and said that no appeal will be lodged against the decision of the referee.

All the matches of the competition will be conducted by the referees appointed by the association. The decision made by the referee during the game will be final and valid. No appeal will be lodged against the referee’s decision.

ANFA has fixed 20 referees for the league starting from 3 November. ANFA has six assistant FIFA referees, including four referees. Currently, the referees’ association has submitted the names of 15 referees to ANFA. A source close to the referees’ association told News Factory that the remaining five referees will take the ‘test test’ in a few days.

With this arrangement of ANFA, clubs will not be able to lodge any complaint against ANFA in the upcoming league. In previous years, clubs used to appeal to the referee shortly after the game.

“There is no appeal against the referee. This is what happens when we lose a game. This time we will not take any appeal against the referee. The referee’s decision that we have lost, lost, which is the tradition of petition. We have brought this rule to discourage that ‘, League coordinator Sanjiv Mishra told Janata Party.

Meanwhile, one of the coaches said that there is no tradition of filing a complaint against the referee’s decision anywhere else and even though there is a tradition of filing a complaint in Nepal in the past, the organizers do not look at the complaint.

“No complaints should be lodged against the referee anywhere. The referee’s decision is the final decision. If such things are not written in the rules, it will be uncomfortable to conduct the competition. If this happens then every game will have a complaint that it has happened ‘, said a coach who has watched Nepali clubs for more than a decade,’ We have a tradition. But, even though a complaint has been lodged in Nepal so far, when has the decision been made? ‘Comments’ keep coming against the referee’s decision. Nothing will happen. ‘

In the inaugural match to be played on 3 December, there will be competition between Friends Club and new entrant Satdobato Youth Club. The inaugural match will be played at 5 pm at Dasharath Stadium on ‘Flood Light’. Similarly, the second game on Friday and Saturday will also be played in ‘Flood Light’, according to ANFA.

Referee to play in the upcoming league

Navindra Maharjan, Kavin Byanjankar, Prajwal Chhetri, Prakash Nath Shrestha, Naniram Thapa Magar, Madhav KC, Unal Malla, Sahadev Shrestha, Bikram Chaudhary, Kishan Kanaiha Yadav, Shyam Danuwar, Vishwas Karki, Shukra Tamang, Prajesh Amatya and Madhukar Acharya.


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