A while in the past, the loss of life of this senior particular person of Nepal stunned me

Veteran writer and famous poet Prajya Vijay Bajimay has passed away today. Despite being physically handicapped from birth, Bajimay made significant contribution to Nepali literature through poetry, stories, songs, ghazals and muktaks.

In 2029 BS, Bajimay, a democratic creator who started writing from the poem ‘Prajatantra’, published ‘Samay Bhene Samay Ho’ (poetry collection), ‘Antvattogatva’ (story collection) and about half a dozen works were in preparation for publication.

According to poet Krisu Chhetri, Bajimay had edited dozens of literary magazines, including National Poetry Festival, Distressed Poetry Award, Youth Year Pearl Award, Manashri Award, National Talent Award and Ghazalshree Award.

He was the President of Bajimay Cultural Institute, Member of Prajna Sabha of Nepal Pragya Pratisthan, Member of Basundhara Man Pragya Pratisthan, President of Pokhareli Cultural Family and Central Leader of Nepali Writers Association. The body of unmarried Bajimay has been taken to his birthplace Pokhara today for cremation.


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