After I first met him on the lodge after assembly him on Fb

After the acquaintance through social media, the relationship between the two teenagers in love has reached the hospital and the juvenile jail (correctional home). The incident took place in Betul, Maharashtra, India. The teenager has been admitted to a hospital in Nagpur after suffering from high blood pressure. A Facebook friendship between a 17-year-old teenager from Maharashtra and a 17-year-old teenager turned into a Facebook friendship.

A minor teenager living in a village in Multai police station area threatened the girl and called her to meet him at Prabhatpattan on the border of Maharashtra, from where he took her to Betul. After visiting a religious place, they stayed in a hotel, where they had a shari’a relationship.

The girl’s health condition deteriorated after the incident. The teen took the girl to a private doctor after a lot of blood began to flow from the private part. However, the doctor refused to see it. After that, the teenager was forced to take the girl to the district hospital. The district hospital informed the family of the girl that she had been admitted to the hospital. The girl was then taken to Nagpur for further treatment. Meanwhile, the police arrested the teenager and sent him to a correctional facility.

Similarly, a report from two years ago showed that more than 500 couples in Dharche village of Gorkha got married before reaching the age of majority. From 2068 to 2076, 563 couples got married 20 years ago. “The statistics of child marriage in such a short period of time are alarming. There is no village where there is no child marriage, ‘says Palika Chairman Santosh Gurung. So we are starting to make a strategy to reduce it. Due to the weakened state of consciousness before reaching the age, the practice of marrying before reaching the age is prevalent in Dharche.

Elijah Gurung, a social engineer, has been appointed as a goodwill ambassador for reducing child marriage. ‘People are not aware. It is customary to get married by talking on social media, ‘he said.’ Parents are also to blame. They never find out what their children are doing. ‘ Chairman Gurung said that the municipality will conduct awareness program.

Elijah, who has been appointed goodwill ambassador, says early marriages are more likely to cause health problems. ‘I have reached everyone’s house. I have picked up their problem. Most have health problems, ‘she said,’ some suffer from uterine cancer. Some are suffering from malnutrition and disability. She also recounted the deaths of both mothers and babies during childbirth.

Besides, he argues that the economy is weakening socially. ‘After marriage, they drop out of school and start earning money. Not mentally ready. The boy has to go abroad because of financial difficulties, ‘Elijah says,’ the child, the mother and the father are at risk. What will the child look like when the mother’s body is weak? ‘She informed that most of them got married at the age of 15 to 17.

The NGO Good Neighbors has also helped to stop this. “We are trying to make others aware by showing videos of those who have suffered due to marriage. We have made a plan to inform about the legal, practical and physical problems of child marriage in Toltol, ‘said Chairman Gurung.’ We have sought the help of organizations. We have also told the upper government. ‘

Even now child marriage is taking place every year. Gurung says that the program has been stopped since last year due to Kovid. The executive meeting held on Monday has decided to formulate a strategic plan and form a ward level child protection committee to reduce child marriage.


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