Although he appears glad out of doors, Salman Khan is by myself inside of. He turns off the AC and sits by myself at the settee within the drawing room.

Kathmandu: Bollywood actor and director Mahesh Manjrekar has revealed that actor Salman Khan is suffering from loneliness inside as much as he looks happy outside. Manjrekar, who recently directed Salman in the film ‘Antim’, has revealed a lot in a recent interview.

Manjrekar has been associated with Salman for a long time. Salman treats Manjrekar like a dowry. Manjrekar brings to the audience various things he experienced about Salman during the shooting.

“As happy as Salman looks on the outside, he is alone on the inside,” said Manjrekar. She is being eaten by loneliness. So she must get married now. ‘

Manjrekar has also revealed some things about Salman’s lifestyle. “Despite being such a big star, Salman is living a normal life,” says Manjrekar. “He still lives in a single bedroom flat.” He also said that Salman used to sit on the sofa in the drawing room at home.

‘When I go to Salman’s house, he is sitting on the sofa most of the time. He is sitting with the AC off. I feel hot. How many times have I run the AC myself ‘, he said,’ Salman is so successful. But behind this successful man is a very middle class man. This amazes me. ‘

Manjrekar is of the opinion that it is time for Salman to choose a spouse to share his joys and sorrows. At home, Salman is accompanied by his parents, brothers Arwaz, Sohail and nephews. They talk. They have their own world. But, where should Salman go, so he should get married immediately ‘, Manjrekar understands.

He even said that he had talked about marriage many times. ‘I want you to marry Salman now, I want to see your child. But, he doesn’t take me seriously. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. ” However, he was never serious about getting married. I’m worried he won’t get married. ‘

When it comes to marriage, Salman used to talk a lot, but at one point Salman was in the mood for marriage. He and the then model Sangeet Bijlani had an affair since 1986. They were in a relationship for about ten years. At that time, it was reported that Salman and Sangeeta were getting married and even an invitation card was printed. However, for some reason they could not get married. After that, Salman’s name was associated with many heroines


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