Any other 5 superstar resort named ‘Hyatt Position’ opened in Kathmandu with an funding of Rs 5 billion.

Kathmandu. Another five-star hotel Hyatt Place has opened in the name of Hyatt brand at Tachal in Soltimod, Kathmandu. The Golian Group has brought Hotel Hyatt Place into operation with an investment of around Rs 5 billion. According to the Golian Group, the hotel is of international standard. Hotel Hyatt Place is the international brand Hyatt’s ‘chain of hotels’.

It has been informed that the hotel has come into operation while conducting a program on Saturday. Hotel operator Pawan Golyan said that the hotel has come into operation from today. After the earthquake in 2072 BS, it was decided to abandon the plan to build an apartment and build a hotel. There is another building along with the hotel spread over an area of ​​10 ropanis. Which is used as an apartment.

Although initially planned to invest Rs 4 billion, the amount increased to around Rs 5 billion as construction did not pick up speed due to the Corona epidemic, said Shakti Golyan, chairman of the hotel.

The 14-storey building has 3 suites, 7 seating out terrace rooms and 153 guest rooms. In addition, hotel garden, gym hall, swimming pool and other facilities are available, the company said.

Even though all the preparations for the hotel have been completed, the hotel will be formally operational only from the day of Haribodhini Ekadashi on October 13. Along with Golian Group, Kamlesh Agrawal and others have also invested in the hotel.


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