Baburam is busy threshing paddy and threshing millet

Kathmandu, 26 Kartik. Janata Samajwadi Party, Nepal’s Federal Council President Dr. Baburam Bhattarai is very active on social media. He has been making his views public through this medium.

Meanwhile, he is in the home district of Gorkha with a campaign to strengthen the party’s organization. He is in Gorkha with his wife Hisila Yami, who is also an executive member of Janata Samajwadi Party, Nepal.

The Baburam couple have been interacting in different areas. Today, Baburam has posted a picture of himself plowing paddy and his wife Hisila plowing kodo on social network Facebook.

Thus, it is a good practice to meet the local people directly and work with them and at the same time hold political discussions. However, in Nepal, it is only considered as a fund. And Baburam’s move to seek publicity by publicizing the image of the people working day and night is viewed in the same light.


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