‘Call for quick motion in opposition to legal professionals who beat up girls and abuse them as prostitutes’ (with video)

Warning to apologize by bringing them on the road and bowing their feet

Kathmandu, 28 October. The People’s Commission Maha Abhiyan Working Committee has condemned and strongly objected to the incident saying that the women advocates were beaten and abused by the senior advocates inside the Supreme Court premises while they were protesting peacefully.

Organizing a press conference at Reporters Club Nepal today (Sunday), the campaign has demanded to take maximum action against the lawyers who use abusive words against women engineers. Maha Abhiyan coordinator Tara Baral said that they have taken legal action against the lawyers who used abusive language inside the court premises. She asserted that her lawyers had beaten her and called her a prostitute.

She further added that the Supreme Court, which administers justice to the people, has been made a prisoner and those who wear black coats have started running from Bharu and Darul. She also remarked that the Supreme Court has been paralyzed by the bag of justice.

“Three or four days ago, leaders including Home Minister, Communications Minister Gyanendra Bahadur Karki and Sher Bahadur Deuba did not see the bar officials, but it has been found that they have instructed the Chief Justice to leave anyway,” she said. He said that the lawyers had beaten the women and sisters in broad daylight. She even mentioned the names of Dinesh Tripathi, Lilamani Poudel and others.

Baral also accused the Bar-Bench Coordinating Committee of being a bargaining chip between lawyers and judges. She complained that the police administration remained silent when the lawyers oppressed the women. Similarly, Judge Sapna Pradhan Malla has warned to make public the audio saying that the money deal was found while clearing the accused in Prithvi Malla’s case. A woman was killed on the spot when a car driven by Prithvi Malla hit her in Budhanilkantha. That was a hit and run case.

Similarly, Baral also recalled that when a complaint was lodged in the law firm of Shambhu Thapa, a senior advocate and former chairman of the bar, Judge Damodar Sharma had registered, heard and ruled on the complaint on the same day.

Former Chief Justice Kalyan Shrestha said that the case was filed by Pradhumna Raj Pandey, a petitioner from Bara and the case was against the Land Revenue Office.

She also demanded an inquiry into Judge Mira Khadka’s dual citizenship and two births. “We have lodged a complaint with the Constitutional Council,” she said. Investigate immediately. ‘ Baral also warned that if the Supreme Court does not function properly and the judges do not return to the bench, they will go on a hunger strike from November 12.

Similarly, women’s rights activist Savitri Subedi expressed regret over the incident of women being torn apart inside the court. She lamented that despite this incident, the Women’s Commission and the court did not say anything.

She called the bar association a middleman’s association. “The general public no longer expects anything from this bar association,” she said. She also expressed her full support for the women’s campaign. And, in the coming days, she has urged to be even stronger. She also warned that those who abuse women should be brought to the streets and bowed down.

Similarly, another engineer Goma Ghimire lamented the politicization of the court. She also demanded the police administration to take stern action against the lawyers who assaulted and insulted her in the court. She warned that they were ready to die and be killed for it.

During the program, Menuka’s rioters said that they were beaten and insulted inside the court and clarified that they would take legal action against it. He said, “We have demonstrated that the people should not be deprived of their right to justice. However, we were beaten by lawyers inside the court premises. Has been abused using the word dirty. This is a reprehensible incident. We are taking police action against it. ‘ She also clarified that there was no truth in the allegation that they were being manipulated by Chief Justice Jabra. She said that the allegation that they had eaten the money was not true and requested to check their bank balance.

Similarly, other speakers including Manish Manav, Laxmi Adhikari, Virendra Dangol and Mahima Shahil also spoke on the occasion. They called for legal action against those who beat up peaceful protesters.


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