Chitlang-Thankot highway to be closed from day after today

October 28, Birgunj. The only traffic on the Chitlang-Thankot road will be closed from tomorrow. Earlier, it was announced that the road would be closed from November 11 but the traffic has been reopened for one more day.

The Chitlang-Chandragiri-Thankot road construction committee has stated that the traffic will be stopped completely with the objective of moving ahead with the construction work immediately after the end of Dashain Tihar and other festivals. Committee member Buddharatna Manandhar informed that it has been decided to stop the movement of vehicles on the road from tomorrow until further notice.

“We had decided to stop traffic on the Chitlang-Thankot road from today. But since morning, there has been an influx of Tatasumos and motorcycles, ‘he said. So we have decided to open one day today. We will close it from tomorrow. ‘

The committee is of the view that if the traffic continues during the construction of the road, the work will be disrupted and there will be a risk of accidents. The contract of Thankot-Chandragiri section of Chitlang-Thankot road is coming to an end from April. The locals have been putting pressure on the construction side to complete the work within the stipulated time. Especially the people of Chitlang are in favor of building the road as soon as possible.

According to the Road Construction Concern Committee, the 80-meter hill from the new track of Ramche to the head of Andheri Kholcha will be lowered to 5 meters. After doing so, a double lane is created in that section. Ujeli creek has already been made by ‘rock cutting’ in the dark creek.

A double lane has been prepared from Toukhel Chanawan to Ramche. Ten years ago, the construction committee had stopped traffic and worked on four roundabouts in Ramche. As it is an old settlement, the road between Thankot check post and Chitlang is narrow only in the village. There is a situation where the road has to be widened by demolishing the house.

Concerned committee member Manandhar said that the road would be fully operational within the next one and a half to two months. After that, the concerned committee has planned to take initiative in the concerned ministry to make the concrete slope and blacktop.

A five-member road construction committee was formed under the coordination of Bagmati State Assembly member Rama Ale Magar and pressure was started to speed up the road construction work. At present, a 35-member committee has been formed with the road construction workers as members.

Photo: Rajendra Basnet


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