Devpura Rupaitha incident: ‘They attempted to unfold communal riots as they got here from out of doors’

Janakpurdham: A ban has been imposed on Janakpurdham Sub-metropolis-20 Devpura Rupaitha from 2 pm on Saturday. The local administration has imposed a curfew till 10 pm on Sunday after some rioters tried to disrupt communal harmony.

A few days ago, during the Chhath festival, there was a general dispute between some local Hindu and Muslim communities during the construction of a ghat at Dil of the local Telia Pond. Later, the dispute was resolved with the help of local police. However, after some people exaggerated the incident on social network Facebook and some local news portals, the District Administration Office, Dhanusha and the District Police Office became active on their own.

On Saturday afternoon, some youths had reached Devpara Rupaitha from a Janakpurdham protesting. त्यहाँ प्रहरीले रोक्दा प्रदर्शनकारीहरूले प्रहरीमाथि नै ढु’ङ्गमु’ढा प्र’हा’र गरेपछि प्रहरीले एक दर्जन रा’उ’ण्ड अश्रु’ुग्यास फा’यर गरेका थिए । Half a dozen security personnel were injured in the incident. Among the protesters, Somnath Yadav said that they have come for the protection of Hindu religion and Hindu Nation.

He said, ‘Even though it is a public pond, it is the pond of Hindus. The Muslim community has obstructed Chhath worship by occupying it. That is why we have come here for the protection of religion and for the Hindu nation. If the administration oppresses us, we will make this movement nationwide. ‘

Radheshyam Yadav, a member of Hindu Dharma Samrakshan Manch Sunsari, who participated in the protest, said, “In the name of Chhath festival, injustice has been done to Hindu religion.” He alleged that the incident took place under the direction of Chief Minister of State II Lal Babu Raut. Meanwhile, local Ram Sobhit Das said, “There is a general dispute in the village society, that is not a big deal.” However, some Hindutva organizations and some media outlets have tried to paint it as ‘communal’.

He said that there was no obstruction from any community to celebrate Chhath festival. After the incident was settled, pro-RSS, pro-Hindu and pro-royalist organizations came from Birgunj, Sunsari and other places to protest. We have already settled the issues of our society. However, outsiders are hurling insults at the security guards. Those organizations have tried to politicize in the name of religion.

Local Mohammad Haviv Kawadi said that there was no obstruction from our community in Chhath Puja. “We are always living together, according to the brotherhood,” he said. “The local police administration has all the information.” There is no dispute among the locals now. However, people from different organizations from outside have tried to cause communal incidents.

Chief District Officer of Dhanusha, Bandhu Prasad Bastola, said that the situation was becoming normal even though some organizations tried to escalate the incident. “Even though there was a dispute between the two communities over the pond, it was settled,” Bastola said. However, due to the activism of the police, the situation is now becoming normal.

He said that the issue of the pond would be discussed with the leaders of both the local communities, including Janakpurdham Sub-Metropolitan Mayor Lal Kishor Sahas.


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