Discretionary sharing, harmony between Electorate Dialogue Discussion board and Janata Durbar Birthday celebration

Kathmandu, 28 Kartik. With the aim of building a broader alternative force that can intervene transformatively in national politics, there will be unification between the Discretionary Common Party, the Citizens Discussion Forum and the Rashtriya Janata Durbar Party.

Today’s meeting of the Central Committee of the Vibekshil Saja Party approved the unity agreement with a two-thirds majority. The name of the Unified Party will be Discretionary Common Party. And, Rabindra Mishra will be the sole executive chairman of the party.

The Citizens Discussion Forum is a group of professionals, campaigners and people with a political background who have been regularly debating for the past year and a half to build greater political power.

The Rastriya Janata Durbar Campaign, which was established in 2071 BS as an anti-corruption campaign for “National Independence, Sovereignty and the Name and Dignity of Nepalis”, turned into the Rastriya Janata Durbar Party in April this year.

Thirty-five members from the Citizens Discussion Forum and 19 members from the Rastriya Janata Durbar Party will join the newly formed Central Committee of Vibekshil Saja Party. There will be 11 members in the Central Working Committee from both the parties. After the unification, the Central Committee of Vibekshil Saja Party will have 175 members and the Central Working Committee will have 37 members.

Karna Bahadur Shahi, coordinator of the Citizens Discussion Forum, says, “It has become essential for Nepali politics to build an automatic nationalist force from Nepalis and not from foreigners. That is why we are engaged in building a transformative new power. This is just the beginning. “

Rastriya Janata Durbar Party Chairman SP Sah Sarathi says, “In the last few years, there has been an attempt to bring social divisions and disintegration in this country by inciting the spirit of federalism, secularism, ethnicity and regionalism and it has eroded the independence and sovereignty of the country. All the patriotic forces have to come together to stop it. ”

Rabindra Mishra, chairman of Vibekshil Saja Party, said that the unity for building a transformative force was a strong step towards ensuring the far-reaching interests and development of the country by changing the course of national politics. He also urged all citizens, various groups and parties who want peace, stability, good governance and egalitarian prosperity in this country to unite to break the cycle of vested interests, corruption and misgovernance.

The Unified Party will move forward by adopting the “Country Beyond Transformation Ideas” document, proposed by President Mishra for a referendum on the abolition of federalism and secularism, restructuring and strengthening the local level. The declaration of unity will be made soon in a public ceremony.


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