Homicide of an Indian journalist exposing corruption in a nursing house

October 28, Kathmandu. Buddhinath Jha, a local journalist who has been exposing corruption in hospitals and nursing homes in Benipatti district of Bihar, India, has been killed.

Family members have claimed that he was killed by the hospital operator.

Arvind Kumar, in-charge of Benipatti area police in Madhubani district, has confirmed that 22-year-old Jha was killed. According to police, Jha’s body was found half burnt.

According to him, some people have been detained to investigate the murder.

Journalist Jha used to work at BNN Niun Benipatti. Jha, who lives in Benipatti, had been active in journalism for two years.

Her brother Trilok Jha said that she was killed after her abduction. He was abducted on November 9 and his body was found on November 12, he told BBC Hindi.

According to Trilok, Budhinath had initially opened a clinic. Doctors from outside treated the locals. But she was forced to close the clinic by local nursing home operators. According to family members, she has been active in journalism ever since, exposing her misconduct in nursing homes and hospitals through the media.

He also used to report misconduct in nursing homes, pathology labs and hospitals to government agencies. On the basis of the same information, the government had closed 19 labs and nursing homes in Benipatti and Dhakjari.

“The game is about to start,” he said on Facebook on November 7. Family members claim that he was abducted at around 10 pm two days later and then killed.


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