How My Spouse Did not Imagine Me: Thriller: Yogeshwar Amatya (with video)

Kathmandu, 28 October. Nepal’s famous pop singer Yogeshwar Amatya has said that it is still a mystery how he liked his wife.

Pop singer Amatya said this while talking to journalist Rishi Dhamala on Prime Times Television’s program ‘Dhamlako Hamla’.

He also said that women also like him, adding that he also likes romance and sex very much. “I like simple and beautiful girls without makeup,” he said.

How much do you make a boyfriend? He said that men should be disciplined after marriage saying that they are afraid of being beaten by their wives when they make boyfriends after marriage.

Similarly, Amatya, a successful singer who has won the hearts of young and old alike due to his different performances in the field of pop singing, said that he would be surprised to hear the songs sung by him.

Also, speaking in a different context, he lamented that there is a lot of middlemen in Nepal.


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