‘Mundreko Comedy Membership’ has been changed by means of ‘Fulande Particular Comedy Membership’!

The last episode of ‘Mundreko Comedy Club’ was aired on Nepal Television last Monday. Jitu Nepal ‘Mundre’ was led by Karisma Manandhar, Umesh Rai (Fulandeki’s mother), Rajendra Nepali (Latte) and other artists. The show was canceled due to misunderstanding between the sponsors Advertising, Jitu Nepal and Umesh Rai. Last week, artist Jitu held a press conference to explain the reason behind the closure of Mundre’s Comedy Club.

In the announcement program, the winner blamed the show’s artist Umesh Rai ‘Fulandeki Aama’ and Ki Advertising for the closure of the program. Both of them have accused Rai of betraying them by taking them to another program without their knowledge. Now, ‘Mundreko Comedy Club’ will be replaced by ‘Fulande Special Comedy Club’. The production company Advertising has announced that it will make another program less than a week after the closure of ‘Mundre’s Comedy Club’.

Mundre’s Comedy Club, which has been airing for about three years, was closed from last Monday. During the meeting, he was upset that Umesh Rai had become the presenter of another television show without consulting him. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture. After Jitu left the comedy club, the audience was curious as to who would run the comedy club.

Rai has been denying the allegations made by Jeetu about the betrayal. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. Rai also said that he did not have any official information about the coming of ‘Fulande Special Comedy Club’ instead of ‘Mundreko Comedy Club’.

Managing Director of Advertising, Rabindra Kumar Rijal (Shashi) said, “After Jitu Nepalji left, we are looking for another presenter. The new version of the comedy club will start in six weeks. He also informed that Umesh Rai and Rajendra Nepali will continue to sleep in the comedy club even if Jitu and Karisma are not seen. According to Managing Director Rijal, the special presentation of Fulandeki’s mother will be aired as a ‘filler’ from the previously aired episodes until the new season is filmed.


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