On this manner, Invoice Gates celebrated his 66th birthday or even banned the usage of telephone on the celebration

NEW YORK: Bill Gates, one of the world’s richest men and owner of Microsoft, has celebrated his birthday with extravagant spending. Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man and founder of Amazon, also attended Gates’ 66th birthday.

To celebrate his birthday, Gates rode an expensive supercar to the Turkish coast. The Gates rider Super Yacht costs २० 2 million a week. The yacht has facilities including gym, club and swimming pool.

Gates has been embroiled in controversy over wasteful spending. Billionaire Jeff Bezos, who spent large sums to celebrate his birthday, has also been criticized. Bezos arrived at the venue by helicopter on Friday to celebrate Gate’s birthday.

A total of 50 guests were invited to the party, which was held at a boardroom on the Turkish coast. The party was attended by some of Gates’ relatives and most of the wealthy. The party lasted for four hours. Champagne, sushi, pizza and local seafood were distributed at the party.

People working at the birthday party were banned from using the phone. The use of mobile phones was banned considering the privacy of the participants.

Gates’ expensive party has been embroiled in controversy during a world conference on climate change in Glasgow, England. Bezos and Gates have launched a global campaign to reduce carbon emissions. Gates and Bezos aboard yachts and helicopters have emitted large amounts of greenhouse gases. After the party, Bezos returned by helicopter.


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