Passengers in stress after Nepal Airways began scandalizing the airplane, what’s the truth?

Kathmandu. Nepal Airlines, which has been flying in the hilly districts of the far-western states lately, has been in trouble after setting up an office inside the ship and providing services. As the number of passengers returning to their home districts to celebrate the festival has increased, the pressure of passengers has increased in Kolti. However, Nepal Airlines, which is currently flying to the hilly districts of the far west, has a problem in providing services to the general public as it carries eight employees on each district flight.

Nepal Airlines, which flies to far-western districts including Bajura, Bajhang, Achham, Darchula and Doti, has been unable to provide services to the general public as it has eight staff members in each district.

Due to the fact that Nepal Airlines carries 8 passengers out of 18 passengers in each flight, only 10 passengers are allowed to travel. Nepal Airlines Bajura chief Umakanta Neupane said that the general public did not get the service as they had to carry staff from Nepalgunj due to lack of Nepal Airlines staff in the district.

He said that even though Nepal Airlines was flying to provide service to the passengers, the passengers did not get service as per the capacity of the ship due to lack of staff and its management was the responsibility of the upper body. According to Lokendra Shahi of Jukot, Swamikartik Khapar Gaonpalika-3 of Bajura, the road is blocked due to heavy rains.

He said that it was ridiculous for a government company like Nepal Airlines to have an office inside the ship and move around the airport without any staff. He called Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Prem Ale from the airport and informed him about the situation of Nepal Airlines operating in hilly districts of the far western region.

As Minister Ale did not know about the situation on the phone, he said that the problem would be resolved in a few days. Minister Ale is now understood to be performing another miracle. Similarly, the main opposition CPN-UML Standing Committee member Top Bahadur Rayamajhi has said that KP Sharma Oli will be unanimously elected as the chairperson through their 10th general convention.

In an interview with Reporters Club on Saturday, Rayamajhi said that the National General Convention to be held in Chitwan on December 29 would unanimously elect Oli as the new president. “We unanimously passed the constitution at the general convention. Now the leadership will be selected. Now we are building a new leadership in the party. Perhaps, KP Sharma Oli is the unanimous chairman. The Legislative Assembly has already indicated this, he said. Stating that the UML has completed its internal work, he said that it will now move ahead with the expansion of the organization by focusing on local, state and central elections.


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