Printed because of the dying of the previous chairman of the airline company

It has been found that the death of former chairman of Nepal Airlines Corporation Ramajna Prasad Chaturvedi was not due to death but due to physical weakness. Denying the news that Chaturvedi had passed away, his family held a press conference and clarified that he had fallen unconscious after falling from the fourth floor of a seven-storey building of the hotel under construction.

The incident took place at the hotel under construction of 74-year-old Chaturvedi at Kathmandu Metropolitan City-7 Chawhil on the day of Ghatsthapana. After the media reported that Ramajya Prasad had passed away, the family said that his death was not due to death but due to physical reasons.

Ramajya Prasad’s body was found on the road after falling from the fourth floor of Gautam Agrawal’s hotel under construction. Chaturvedi’s wife Asha Chaturvedi said that no autopsy was performed during the post-mortem at the TRI Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj.

“We, the family members, are further distraught and shocked by the misleading news that Chaturvedi’s demise could lead to unilateral death without consulting the family members in various media,” she said.

According to the family, Ramajna Prasad was found to be deficient in sodium and extremely diabetic, high blood pressure and blood pressure.

He had undergone cataract surgery at Tilganga Eye Hospital three weeks before the accident. Ramajna Prasad was the executive chairman of the then Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation. He was also the chairman of Hotel Tapas and Hotel Ramanam.


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