Prohibition order added in Rupatha of Janakpur until November 12

October 28, Janakpurdham. The time limit of the injunction issued till Sunday night has been extended in the form of Janakpurdham Sub-Metropolitan Corporation.

The local administration had issued a restraining order in Janakpurdham Ward-20 from 2 pm on Saturday to 10 pm on Sunday saying that the slogans were being used to disrupt communal harmony.

Chief District Officer Bandhu Prasad Bastola informed that the injunction has been extended till 10 pm on November 12 considering the security situation.

Kalli Dam of Jalad river in the east, junction of Janakpur Jatahi road in the west, road to Hanumannagar Rampur Bahuarba in the north and road from Debpura Nimchowk to Bahuarba in the south have been banned.

Tensions have been high in Rupaitha since the sixth day. There was a dispute between the two parties after a group stopped celebrating Chhath festival. A restraining order was issued on Saturday as the dispute escalated.

Four armed policemen, a Nepal Policeman and a local woman were injured in the clash.

Chief District Officer Bastola said that a restraining order has been issued in accordance with Article 6 (3A) of the Local Administration Act, 2028 BS, keeping in view the security situation.

The police have been directed to take legal action against anyone violating the order.


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