Singer Sudip Kumar Thakali (with video) introduced “Ek Bachan Boldaima”

Kathmandu, 28 October. The music video of rock singer Sudip Kumar Thakali’s new song “Ek Bachan Boldaima” has been released.
The song features the voice of rock singer Sudip, who has been living in Japan for the past decade. He was a connoisseur of song and music from an early age. From classical music to music classes of various genres, rock singer Thakali is a decent and sociable person.

Rock singer Sudip Kumar Thakali’s voice, Anshu Lama’s words, music and Norbu Sherpa’s arrangement. The video shot by Ram KC was directed and edited by Tekendra Shah. The music video features model duo Usha Upreti and Lomus Sharma.

Rock singer Sudip Kumar Thakali is confident that the music video of this song will win the hearts of the audience. They have also requested the viewers to give their invaluable comments by watching the music video of their song. He says that no matter where he is in the world, he loves Nepali songs and music.


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