The solution of the mummy who has given victory to Nepal, her personal breath betrays her. Who can consider right here? (Watch the video)

Kathmandu. The popular program Mundre’s Comedy Club, which has been airing on Nepal Television for about a year and a half, is about to close. Comedian Jitu Nepal was conducting the show. Jitu held a press conference announcing the closure of the program. He said that the program, which has been airing for more than a year and a half, had to be stopped after one of the participants became the host of another program.

The artist is Umesh Rai. After the press conference saying that the show was on the verge of closing down due to ‘Umesh Rai’, a very popular actor in the show, Umesh was criticized on social media for being a traitor. He is hosting another reality show. He is going to go to the get-up of Phulandeki’s mother in another program as well. Umesh Rai will be hosting the dance reality show ‘Dance Championship’ as his famous getup ‘Fulandeki Aama’.

Jitu reacted by saying that it would be a problem to see the same person in two programs at the same getup at the same time. Umesh, who has been criticized for telling him the reason for closing the program, has also opened his mouth. He said he had done nothing wrong. He said that the program was closed due to disagreement between Jitu Nepal and the organizers.


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