These days is Global Diabetes Day: Diabetes is on the upward thrust because of sumptuous way of life

28 Kartik, Kathmandu.

Today is November 14, World Diabetes Day. World Diabetes Day has been observed since November 14, 1991 at the call of the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization. The day was officially recognized by the United Nations in 2006.

It is also the birthday of scientist Frederick Wenting, who played a key role in the development of the insulin used to treat diabetes. Frederick Grant, along with Charles Best, invented insulin a hundred years ago. In his memory, World Diabetes Day is celebrated on November 14 every year.

Diabetes occurs when the amount of glucose in the blood increases. When the body does not produce enough insulin and the insulin produced does not work effectively in the body, the amount of glucose in the blood is high. This condition is called diabetes.

You may be diagnosed with diabetes before the test. Symptoms of diabetes include dry mouth, frequent urination, increased thirst, loss of appetite, and tingling in the hands and knees. A doctor should be consulted as soon as such symptoms appear.

If diabetes is not controlled in time, it can affect other parts of the body, such as the eyes, heart, kidneys, and nerves.

As the body weight increases, so does the risk of diabetes. However, diet also determines diabetes. It is not a contagious disease but it is considered a genetic disease. If a family member has diabetes, his or her offspring are more likely to have the disease.

People with heart disease and people over the age of 40 may develop diabetes. At present, more than 450 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes, according to the World Health Organization. Luxury lifestyle and unhealthy diet are the main causes of diabetes.

Patients with diabetes, including high blood pressure, obesity, and cholesterol, have a higher risk of heart attack, so people with diabetes need to be careful about their diet. Also, daily exercise and relaxation is the best way to avoid this.


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