Those groups are decided on from Europe within the Global Cup

Agency, 28 October. Two more teams from Europe have been selected for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. World Cup winners Fans and Belgium, who are at the top of the FIFA rankings, have been selected after winning the game last night.

In Group D, France has been selected with one game left with 15 points. In this group, Finland and Ukraine will be selected for a play-off. Finland kept alive their playoff hopes with a 3-1 win over Bosnia-Herzegovina at home.

Belgium topped the group with 19 points while Qatar qualified for the World Cup. Now one of Wales and the Czech Republic will be selected in the play-offs.
Denmark of Group F and Germany of Group J have already been selected. Out of the 4 teams selected so far, 6 more teams will be selected from the group stage. The other three teams will have to play a play-off.

There is room for 13 teams from the European region. Some teams have already secured places.

Denmark has been selected. In Group F, he has added 27 points in 9 games. Scotland have been selected for the play-offs from that group.

Germany has been selected in Group J. He has scored 24 points in 9 games. North Macedonia and Romania will be selected for the play-offs in the group.

A team from Portugal and Serbia will be selected in Group A. These two teams are in the same 17 points. The result of these two teams in the final game will decide whether they will be directly selected in the World Cup or play in the play-offs.

A team from Spain and Sweden will be selected in Group B. With one game left, both teams are bound to win. Spain has 16 points and Sweden has 15 points.

In Group C, Italy and Switzerland are tied on 15 points. Both teams will be selected directly from the final game or play-offs.

Ukraine is at 9 points playing 7 games. Finland is at 11 points. The Czech Republic and Wales are struggling to secure a place in the playoffs.

The Netherlands and Norway in Group G are in direct competition. The Netherlands is at 19 and Norway at 17. The 15-point Turkey has not lost hope of a playoff.

The match between Russia and Croatia in Group H will decide which country will be selected in the World Cup. One of these two countries will be in the playoffs.

England in Group A is close to selection. He will only buy a ticket to Qatar if he draws the rest of the game. Poland has also managed to secure at least a play-off.

Thirteen European nations will take part in the World Cup in Qatar. Out of which group winners of 10 groups will be directly selected. The other three nations will have to play a play-off.


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