Those younger males used to visit gather the mortgage taken through their mom from the cooperative

One couple has given an example that love cannot stop anything. Their first meeting was also amazing. This incident belongs to India. A girl from Jharkhand and a boy from Jharkhand got married in Patna, the capital of Bihar. Police at the Phulwari Sharif police station in Patna married the couple. The boy is from Baradih in Jharkhand and the girl is from Hazaribagh in Ramgarh, Jharkhand.

According to information, the mother of the girl, a resident of Hazaribagh in Ramgarh, Jharkhand, had taken a loan. He could not repay the loan taken from the cooperative. Due to which recovery agent Amar Kumar, a resident of Baradih in Jharkhand, started visiting the girl’s house. Amar started asking the girl’s mother to repay the loan. During the debt collection, a young woman named Ritu met Amar Kumar regularly and gave him her heart.

The love between Amar and Ritu grew with time. A few days later a time came when both of them promised to live and die together. The girl left her house with Amar and fled to Bihar and both of them started living in Patna. The couple had been living in Phulwari area of ​​Patna for the past six months.

Two days ago, Amar had refused to marry the girl. The girl then reached the Phulwari Sharif police station and told her story to the police. The police had reached an agreement between the two after they started persuading the girl who had come to lodge a complaint against Amar. The couple got married at the Shiva temple in Phulwari Sharif in the presence of police. Both have returned to Jharkhand after marriage.


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