Tourism Minister Ale publicizes to perform trip bus provider on the airport

Kathmandu, 28 Kartik. Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Prem Bahadur Ale has announced to operate shuttle bus service at domestic and international airports. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the 36th Prajna Sabha of Nepal Pragya Pratisthan Prajna Sabha today (Sunday), Minister Ale said that shuttle bus service would be operated at internal and external airports.

He said that after the passengers complained that the taxi fare was more than the plane fare, now 4 shuttle buses will be operated free of cost at the airport. A few days ago, Minister Ale arrived at the domestic airport and inaugurated the micro-operation at Golden Gate after seeing the suffering of the passengers. Lately, Minister Ale has been known as an action-oriented minister. He has been saying that the people should not be tortured under any circumstances.

Photo: Mukund Kalikote,


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