Treasurer Pakharel has a unique opinion within the Barka motion

Kathmandu, 28 October. Rudra Pakharel, treasurer of the Nepal Bar Association, said that he did not agree with the program of the movement which was brought without the approval of the working committee of the bar.

Talking to journalist Rishi Dhamala for Nepali Debate, a program of Nepali Radio Network today, Pakharel said, “I have no objection to the pre-announced movement of Barka. However, I do not agree with the decision of barring the former Chief Justice from entering the Supreme Court. “

Treasurer Pakharel said that the resignation of five judges, including the Chief Justice, who had been deprived of their constitutional responsibilities, should be made the bottom line of the movement.

He added, “The chief justice would have resigned, but he cannot be forced to do so. So we have to go through the process and make a decision. ” He is of the view that now the political parties should take off in the court dispute.


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