UML Normal Conference Consultant Election in Jhapa: State MP Defeats Ward Chairman

State MP Hira Thapa

October 28, Jhapa. Hira Kumar Thapa, Member of the Provincial Assembly of Jhapa-4 (b) has been defeated in the election for the 10th General Convention of the CPN-UML. When Thapa Bhim Acharya was the Chief Minister, he was the Social Development Minister of State-1.

The election was held after consensus could not be reached on the selection of delegates from Jhapa-4 to participate in the general convention. A total of 3,562 votes were cast in the election, with Kankai Municipality Mayor Rajendra Kumar Pokhrel getting the highest number of 1,704 votes.

Dhan Bahadur Thove got elected with 1,532 votes, Chandra Kumara Sherma with 1,462 votes, Radhakrishna Khanal with 1,400 votes, Khemnath Mishra with 1,340 votes and Bhairav ​​Kumar Shrestha with 1,302 votes. Shrestha Shiva is the ward chairman of Satakshi-11. But with only 1,229 votes, former minister Thapa could not be elected. In the election held for the election of 6 representatives, there was competition among 16 candidates.

On the women’s side, Amrita Rai got 2,314 votes, Champadevi Khanal got 2,211 votes and Indira Basnet got 1,930 votes. A total of 49 delegates have been elected from Jhapa for the tenth general convention of the CPN-UML to be held in Chitwan from November 25.


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