Uncommon penguin that walked 3,000 kilometers from the Andhra Ocean to New Zealand

Kathmandu. In New Zealand, a penguin has traveled 3,000 kilometers from its original habitat. The Adelie penguin, affectionately named Pingu by locals, has been found off the coast of New Zealand. The penguin is believed to have reached New Zealand from the Andhra Ocean. Scientists have described it as one of the rarest and most interesting phenomena in the world.

Local Harry Singh saw it for the first time. When he first saw it on the river bank, he thought it was a ‘soft toy’.
Pingu was found by Singh and his wife while walking along the edge of a dabirdling flat in the southern city of Christchurch.

‘At first I thought it was a soft toy. Suddenly he shook his head. Then he felt like a real living being. He said. In a video posted by Singh on his Facebook page, the penguin looks very lonely and lost. ‘He didn’t walk for an hour. He looked very tired. ‘ Singh has written.

After the penguin had not been out to sea for a long time, he decided to call for help. He remained a penguin’s bodyguard until the rescuers arrived to see if the sea creatures would hunt him down.

“Innocent birds are waiting to be killed by cats, dogs or any other creature,” he said. After a while a savior came. He was Thomas Strake. Thomas has been rehabilitating penguins on New Zealand’s southern island for the past 10 years.

Thomas was stunned for a moment when he learned that the penguin belonged to the Adele species. Because the Adelie penguin is found only on the continent of Antarctica. He concluded that the penguin had come to New Zealand after a long journey. Thomas and his group rescued the penguin that evening.

Thomas performed a blood test on the rare bird. During the test, he found that the penguin was underweight and had ‘dehydration’. He immediately fed the liquid from a tube. Penguins are still given the same snacks.

The rare bird will soon be released on the Banks Peninsula. There are no dogs or cats. This is the third time in New Zealand history that an Adelie penguin has been found on a beach. Earlier, rare penguins were found on two separate shores in New Zealand in 1962 and 1963.

Experts say the sighting of the Adelie penguin is a rare occurrence and that if such birds are to be seen in the future, it could be a sign of danger. “Every year, when the Adelie penguin looks like this, there’s something wrong with the ocean,” said Philip Seddon, a professor at the University of Otago.

Why do penguins come out of the sea? Where do they go? What do they do? He says a study is needed on issues such as how much of their population is Rs. He says the penguins also tell a lot about the marine environment.


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