VP had instructed Yogeshwar Amatya: Communism is for the welfare of inactive folks

Kathmandu, 28 October. Popular singer Yogeshwar Amatya has revealed that Nepal’s first newly elected Prime Minister VP Koirala used to visit his house. Speaking on Rishi Dhamla’s program Dhamla’s Attack, he reveals important moments with VP Koirala as follows:

VP Koirala used to come to my house. I used to have a debate with my VP. I was young. So he tried to understand my generation.

I spoke to the Communists flexibly. VP said, “Yogi, communism is a luxury for an idol man.”

VP came home three or four times. VP gave me three hotline phone numbers. But, I never called.

I have given alcohol to VP. He liked alcohol. VP had a good relationship with my dad. Dad was young when the king fled in 2007. I found out that he was in Hyderabad House at that time.

Britain is a communist country. The people have been given comforts there. I think so.

I was a socialist. I am a Democrat Socialist. I think there should be a country that gives a home to everyone, a car for everyone, and amenities.

I am for the king. The country needs a king. I am a fan of the king.

If there is a referendum in the country, I will vote for the king. The Hindu nation was to be thrown in the country and the king must have been thrown.


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