Watch out! The medication used to whiten and brighten the face makes the hair develop again!

The hospital doctor is considered by many to be like God. But in some cases, those same doctors are the enemy. That is to say, if the doctor assigned to the treatment correctly identifies the disease and treats the patient, the patient will recover, but a small mistake can kill the patient.

In Spain, too, a doctor’s mistake has caused a new problem. Another result was seen when children took medicine prescribed by a doctor to diagnose abdominal pain. Doctors in the town of Torrela, Geva, in the Cantabria region of northern Spain, have given medicine to 20 children to cure stomach ailments and gas.
After taking the medicine, a large amount of hair-like hairs grew on the body of these children.

According to the local administration, children with abdominal pain were given a drug called omeprazole called Minozidil. Unnecessary hairs have grown on the body of children due to wrong medicine. Unwanted hair growth in the body is called ‘Hai’ Partri, Chosis. According to a report in the Daily Mail, a drug called ‘Mino’Jidil’ is used for hair growth.

The parents of 20 children who have lost a lot of hair all over their bodies due to the use of wrong medicine have filed a complaint against the doctor and the drug store recommending compensation. Bottles of Minozidil ​​syrup have been found in bottles of Omepra, Zole’s label Ser’na Granada, Cantabria and Valencia drug stores. The local administration, realizing the mistake in this incident, has started the treatment of the child victims.


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