Watch the video of the ban on consuming bananas being made viral

Recently, a strange trend has been going on among the Syrian people living in Turkey. They are uploading videos on social media eating bananas and joking about bananas. The challenge of eating bananas and joking is spreading in the videos that are going viral on Twitter.

These videos do not look objectionable and do not exceed the minimum standards for ticking. But these videos are becoming a nightmare for Syrian citizens who joke about themselves. Turkish officials have accused Syrians of eating bananas in a bid to spread hatred. Dozens of Syrians have been arrested for eating bananas and making jokes, and are being deported. Bananas have become a symbol of division amid growing tensions among Turkey’s large Syrian community.

The banana challenge is influenced by a viral video of a heated debate between Syrians and Turks over Turkey’s recent poor economic situation. Livelihoods have been affected by recent high inflation in Turkey. In the video, a Syrian girl, speaking in Turkish, defends the work ethic of refugees. In response, a Turkish citizen claims that Turks have stopped finding work in their own country because Syrians and Afghans have found jobs.

Turkish police say they have arrested 11 Syrians for posting a video of a banana joke and that they will be deported after completing the necessary procedures. Police have also arrested a Syrian journalist in the capital, Istanbul, for writing a television report on the Kerala Challenge. According to the Turkish Directorate General of Immigration, action will be taken against anyone involved in the campaign. From the BBC


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