When it used to be able to be bought, it rotted within the farmer’s box

CP Lohia / Baitadi: In Baitadi, the vegetables prepared for sale by the farmers involved in commercial vegetable farming have rotted in the fields. At present, the cabbage produced by farmers in most parts of the district has rotted in the fields.

The incessant rains in the beginning of November have damaged the vegetables in the field. Damodar Awasthi of Surnaya-6 said that the cabbage rotted in the field as even the vegetables saved from the rains did not fetch market price. “I have planted cabbage with the idea of ​​modern farming in the field where maize has been grown in the past. But due to lack of market, cattle have to be fed. Three months of hard work and 10,000 rupees invested in business was wasted. One year of planting maize in this field would be enough to eat. But, not being able to get it right by planting cabbage is a loss. ‘

Farmers have been affected due to rotting cabbage planted in different places of Dasharathchanda Municipality of the district. Farmer Purnananda Bhatta of Dasharathchanda Municipality-1 Martola said that 50 quintals of cabbage was destroyed due to rot.

“I could not save even 5 percent of the cabbage I planted in my field. Banda is rotting and the field is stinking. Not only me but all the farmers of our village have lost their livelihood, ‘he said. He said that it was difficult to sell at Rs 10 per kg this time as it was sold at Rs 40 to 60 per kg last year.

Due to the incessant rains in the beginning of October, the vegetables planted in the farmer’s field, including tomatoes, have rotted, said the farmer. Keshav Raj Bhatta of Dasharathchanda Municipality-1 said, “Sometimes there is a problem when the farmers do not get the required rainfall. Sometimes, excessive rains destroy the entire agriculture.” Now three days of rain have destroyed all the vegetables. ‘

Meanwhile, Baitadi Agricultural Knowledge Center said that the vegetables rotted due to the weakness of the farmers. Agriculture Officer Gopal Dutt Bhatta said that they were spoiled due to lack of proper management while trying to produce banda without any knowledge related to agriculture.

‘There are collection centers in places. Farmers could not even coordinate up to the collection center. That is why this situation has come. Although there is no collection center in Baitadi, there is a collection center in Dadeldhura ‘, he said.

According to the Agriculture Knowledge Center, 31,485 hectares of land in Baitadi is suitable for vegetable cultivation and now there are 25,700 hectares of land under vegetable cultivation. Banda was cultivated in 93 hectares of land in the district this year.


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