Who known as Bhupendra 27 instances that evening?

Kathmandu: The Baduwal family at Lamkichuha-1 in Kailali is in mourning. Reason: 22-year-old Bhupendra Baduwal was killed in Tikapur on Tuesday night. He was severely beaten by a gang of thugs at 9 pm and was “abandoned”. Baduwal is a resident of Lamkichuha Municipality-1. The incident took place near Siddhartha Hotel in Tikapur. Police have not been able to arrest the main accused even a week after his death.

According to his great-grandfather and Constituent Assembly member Bhagat Baduwal, Bhupendra was killed by Navin Rawal’s group. He claims that he did that by using Bhupendra’s friend. Naveen has a very special group. “They seem to have ‘abandoned’ our son by trapping him,” Bhagat told Nepal Samay.

He said that Kapil went to Tikapur at night carrying oil with a friend after he ran out of oil on his motorcycle at night. He said that the police investigation revealed that Kapil had called Bhupendra 27 times saying that he felt ‘threatened’.

According to Bhagat, while he was on his way to Tikapur, it was Kapil who told him that some people were trying to surround him. Bhupendra went to Tikapur again after his friend told him that he was embarrassed. On the way to Tikapur, there is a banana orchard. There is a Shiva temple nearby. It is seen that he saw 8-10 bikes stopped on the road and ran towards Tikapur. Naveen’s group attacked him near Siddhartha Hotel in Tikapur, ‘said Thulobuwa Baduwal.

Bhagat claims that Bhupendra went to his relative’s house near Siddhartha Hotel saying that he would be safe. He said that all the family members ate together at around 7.30 pm. He said that the Baduwal family lived on Tikapur Road in Lamki and went to sleep in a house with an old resort on Bhupendra Lamki-Achham Road. He said that it was the night of his son who went to bed after eating at home together.

He said that it was a matter of concern that the police could not reach the main accused even after a week. “Even if the police administration is searching for us, the accused should be arrested and made public as soon as possible,” he said. Otherwise, the anger among the people will increase, ‘he said. He said that the tragic incident took place when Navin Rawal had a long history and the police did not arrest him in time.

Police have arrested eight people on the charge and made them public. Eight persons registered at Kitani Area Police Office, Tikapur are still absconding. Chief of the office, Deputy Superintendent of Police Prakash Sapkota, said that search was on for eight people, including Navin Rawal, the alleged mastermind of the incident.

Police have arrested 20-year-old Aryan Devkota of Lamkichuha Municipality-3 on the charge of assaulting Bhupendra. Along with Devkota, police have arrested Mahesh Rawal, 24, Dhiraj Shahi, 20, Nishan Malla, 18, of Lamkichuha-1 and Kapil Shrestha, 22. Similarly, Pravin Rimal, 22, Sohan Shah, 26, and Rohit Ale, 21, of Tikapur Municipality-1 have also been arrested. However, the police have not been able to find the ‘ti’ used in ‘tya’.

Apart from Devkota, seven others have been accused of helping in the scheme. Police have recovered a Khukuri from the spot. However, the accused have given a statement that Chakku was used in the case. Police have not been able to recover the knife. Police have also recovered a black scooter (SUP01008P 5565) from the spot.

Police have arrested 20-year-old Aryan Devkota of Lamkichuha Municipality-3 on the charge of harassing Bhupendra. Bhupendra is the only son of Dambar and Bhavana Baduwal. It was on Bhupendra that he made his life’s dream come true. They are like unconscious when they have to lose their son in an unimaginable event at a young age. They were preparing to send their son to the United States. He had come to Kathmandu a few years ago to go to America. While in Kathmandu, he started preparing to go to America as per the advice of his family.

Accordingly, he had passed the first stage language test for higher education studies. She also has a sister. He lived in Kathmandu with his sister. Bhupendra had gone home with his sister to celebrate Dashain. He celebrated the tenth. But, within a few days of that, he took leave of the world, never to return.

Father Dumbar and mother have not yet closed their eyes. They have not been able to cope with the untimely loss of their son, who is preparing to go abroad. Relatives are trying to calm them down. However, they are emotional when they lose their son after a meal together in the evening.

Thulobuwa Bhagat Baduwal says that his son’s soul will not get peace until action is taken against the culprit. ‘God has given us unbearable pain. The minds of brothers and sisters have not been able to hold back. Our house is in a very bad condition. We need to bring the sinners to justice as soon as possible, ”he said.

He warned that the agitation would intensify if the police did not arrest the accused soon. Stating that the incident took place when the police did not arrest the person involved in the crime in time, he urged the police to bring the culprit to justice soon.

A joint team of District Police Office Kailali, Area Police Office Tikapur and Far Western State Police Office is investigating the incident. A separate team of the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police has been deployed for the investigation after the Kailali police pointed out the need for a meticulous investigation into the incident and analysis of some technical aspects as well.

According to the police headquarters, a team of CIB has been deployed to investigate the demand from the districts and states. A special team of CIB will go to Kailali from Kathmandu and start work from Monday. According to Baduwal, the incident took place in Lamki and Tikapur areas under the guise of organized crime. May have happened This news is courtesy of Nepal Times


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