Who’s Gaddafi in Libya’s presidential race?

Agency, 28 October. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of former President Mohamed Gaddafi, who was assassinated in Libya, is running for president. A graduate of the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom, he has registered his candidacy for the presidency, according to the Libyan Election Commission.

Islam says Gaddafi has completed all legal procedures. He turned 49 years old. Mohammed is the son of Gaddafi’s second wife. She is one of Gaddafi’s sons.

During Gaddafi’s rule, he played a key role in public relations and diplomatic relations. He was the most powerful man after Gaddafi. Some called him the undeclared prime minister.

Islam Gaddafi was captured by the Zintan militia in southern Libya. However, he fled to Jintan towards the end of the Libyan civil war. In 2015, he was sentenced to death for war crimes. He was kept in jail. He was later released on amnesty.

Islam Gaddafi studied in London. He completed his MBA from Vienna, Austria. He received his PhD from the London School of Economics.

Libya is holding its first direct presidential election. Gaddafi was ousted in a 2011 uprising. Libya was then plunged into conflict.


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