Workers must additionally find out about socialist orientated economic system: Finance Minister Sharma

Kathmandu, 28 October; Finance Minister Janardan Sharma said that the staff administration should also know about the socialist-oriented economy and study it.

Inaugurating the officer-level in-service training on revenue administration here today, he said that the employees need to know what kind of revenue policy leads to socialism-oriented economy.

“Nepal’s constitution calls for a socialist-oriented economy. He has talked about socialism. You have to read and know what socialism is, “said Minister Sharma to the officials participating in the training.” You need to know how to develop a socialist-oriented economy. What kind of tax system, what kind of revenue policy, what kind of product develops a socialist oriented economy? Employees need to know that. This subject should also be taught in the training. ”

Minister Sharma emphasized on the implementation of the socialism-oriented economy specified in the constitution. He reminded that the employees are in the field for the implementation of the constitution as it is a change and an achievement brought by the politicians, employees and the general public.

Minister Sharma emphasized the need to implement a “progressive tax system” for a socialist-oriented economy. He said that tax should be collected on the basis of one’s income. Minister Sharma pointed out the need to improve the situation, saying that some rich and high earning people have complained that they have paid less tax but those who earn less have paid more tax. He said that the tax policy would be radically changed through the forthcoming budget even though it was not possible to make arrangements in this regard through the replacement bill.

“With the forthcoming budget, there will be a radical change in tax policy,” he said. Make it easy for people to come and pay their taxes. ” Minister Sharma also urged all to be committed from their respective positions in the transitional period to implement the changes in the country through various movements. He stressed on the need to protect the achievements of the politicians, employees and the people from their respective places and implement the policies of the government for nation building.

He stressed on the need to make the traditional performance system technology friendly, adding that the use of technology would reduce manpower and increase wages.

The training started from today will continue till December 25.रासस / File Photo


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