120 goats lacking in Mustang avalanche

October 29, Myagdi. A total of 150 yaks and goats grazing in the forest of Thasang Gaonpalika-2 of Mustang have gone missing after falling into an avalanche. Yak and Chaurigai of two herds have gone missing after an avalanche fell from Manapathi Himal at the head of Kowang, Larjung, Boksikhola and Naurikot.

Ward President Nar Prasad Hirachan informed that the avalanche blew off the roof of Ratna Kumari Sherchan’s house in Naurikot. Jana Adarsh ​​Amar Singh Mavic, a student of Kobang, who was slightly injured in the stampede, has returned home after treatment at Jomsom, he said.

Shepherds in the avalanche area have come in contact safely. Chief District Officer Netra Prasad Sharma said that out of 130 Yak Chauri, only 10/12 were seen by binoculars and the missing Chauri may have been buried by the avalanche.

The avalanche has knocked down trees in the forest. Wildlife habitat has been damaged. The water level in Boski River had risen after the avalanche. The Beni-Jomsom road was closed for some time.

The snow inside the house in Naurikot village has melted. The avalanche has also damaged the biscuits and crops grown on the roof and yard of the house. Cows, buffaloes and sheep grazing in the forest may also have been injured, said Ward Chairman Hirachan. Uwa and Phaparbali have been damaged.

A team of security officials including MP Prem Prasad Tulachan, state assembly members Chandra Mohan Gauchan, Mahendra Thakali and Prajia Sharma had inspected the site. Details of the damage are being collected, said Netra GT, chief of Kowang Police Post. At 11:40 a.m., there was a loud bang and the snow fled.

According to Prof. Khem Gurung of Jana Adarsh ​​Amar Singh Secondary School, they fled in panic when they came to Beni-Jomsom road near Boksi Khola in Naurikot village.

Member of the House of Representatives Tulachan said that the avalanche occurred during the off-season due to freezing of snow in winter. He says avalanches have occurred in the off-season due to rising temperatures and the effects of climate change.


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