Arrangements for the Biden-C assembly: much less most probably than anticipated

Washington, November 29 The ongoing dialogue between the heads of state of the United States and China, the world’s superpowers that are currently chilling bilateral relations, is viewed with special interest. Although the world expects a lot from this dialogue, the chances of reaching a new consensus are slim. US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping have tried to send a new message to the world by eating noodles together in Beijing. During the exchange in the Tibetan Plateau, they had serious discussions about the US economy and commerce. They also urged American business leaders to develop a genuine respect for each other.

The US president has maintained relations with his Chinese counterpart, Xi, as a testament to Biden’s heartfelt belief that good foreign policy begins with building strong personal ties.
As the two leaders prepare to hold their first meeting as president on Monday, they have a special interest in how troubled US-China relations move forward and how Biden’s political image is presented.

“When it comes to the US-China relationship, the gaps are so wide and the trend lines are so problematic that it is a matter of concern how only personal ties can bridge it,” said Matthew Goodman, who served on the Bush and Obama administrations as Asia advisers to the National Security Council. He has a comment. At present, bilateral relations seem to be deteriorating, although these old friends are now the country’s chief executive.

White House officials have low expectations for Monday’s virtual meeting. No major announcements are expected. According to him, in the end, the two leaders are likely to issue a traditional joint statement.AP / Photo: Agency


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