As a way to convey the Unified Socialists within the govt in Province 2, the ministers of Jaspa are being got rid of

Chief Minister of State 2 Lal Babu Raut

October 29, Janakpurdham. In Province 2, the CPN (Maoist) is going to participate in the unified socialist government. According to a source in the Provincial Council of Ministers, the UCPN (Maoist), which has 13 MPs in the state assembly, is being prepared to be brought into the government by giving two ministries.

It is almost certain that he will be given the ministry of industry, tourism, forest and environment. Sources close to the state government claim that Chief Minister Lal Babu Raut has instructed the current Minister for Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment Ram Naresh Ray Yadav to resign.

“Even if he does not resign, the ministry will be given to the Unified Socialists,” the source said.

In State 2, which was a joint government of the then Madhesi Janadhikar Forum Nepal and the Rashtriya Janata Party (RJP), the two parties merged to form the Jaspa. However, the Upendra Yadav faction had sacked the then Mahanta Thakur faction minister saying that he had joined the KP Oli-led federal government. At that time, Ram Naresh was not dismissed after supporting Upendra Yadav’s party.

Congress and Maoists have been brought into the government by removing Mahanta Thakur’s party. Congress has taken over the ministries of physical infrastructure and development, women, children and sports and drinking water and energy. The CPN-Maoist has joined the government with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law.

The CPN (Unified Socialists) is preparing to make the education field under the Ministry of Social Development a separate ministry and also hand over the responsibility to that ministry.

Leader of the CPN-Unified Socialist Parliamentary Party Shatrudyan Mahato said that the decision of the ministry would be taken today. “We are holding discussions with the state government today. The decision of the ministry will be taken today,” he said. He said that they will join the government as soon as the ministry is decided.

Ministry bursting again

In the state which initially had six ministries, the number of ministries has been increased to 10 to include the Congress and the UCPN (M) in the government.

Out of these, 4 ministries have been given by Jaspa, 3 to the Congress and 1 to the CPN-Maoist Center. Chief Minister Raut has retained two ministries.

Chief Minister Raut has appointed the Ministry of Law, Justice and the State Assembly and the Ministry of Commerce, Supplies and Science and Technology. The Chief Minister was preparing to give the two ministries to the Unified Socialists. However, state government sources said that they have refused to take over both the ministries.

Sources claim that the Ministry of Social Development is being split again to form the Ministry of Education after refusing to take over the ministry.


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