As much as 50 % cut price given via UML businessmen to Sauraha businessmen

October 29, Chitwan. Businessmen of Sauraha have announced to give up to 50 percent discount targeting the delegates of CPN-UML General Convention. Local businessmen have announced the exemption after the closed session of the 10th National General Convention of the CPN-UML will be held in Sauraha.

UML has already decided to hold the inauguration ceremony at Narayani river bank in Narayangarh and closed session at Sauraha. At the same time, the bustle in Sauraha has increased. UML leaders have started coming to Sauraha every day to get information and businessmen are also busy in their preparations.

After the closed session of the UML General Convention will be held in Sauraha, hoteliers have postponed all other programs including seminars, weddings and seminars to be held in Sauraha from November 26 to 27.

Chairman of the Regional Hotel Association Sauraha Deepak Bhattarai informed that up to 50 percent discount has been given on hotels booked by UML. Breakfast and dinner rates and menus will be the same in all hotels, said Bhattarai, president of the Sauraha Regional Hotel Association.

Rooms are classified as A, B and C according to the standard of the hotel. It has been decided that the UML representatives will be served dinner and breakfast at the hotel where they are staying. Arrangements have been made for breakfast at the closed hotel.

Vehicle parking is being managed in an area of ​​two bighas. Hotel operator Madhav Dawadi said that the businessmen would inform the hotel guests to keep their vehicles there and walk to the closed session place.

All other programs postponed for four days

After the closed session of the UML General Convention will be held in Sauraha, various other programs, seminars, weddings and seminars to be held in Sauraha from November 26 to 27 have been stopped, said Bhattarai. All our manpower seems to be here, there is no other work to be done, Chairman Bhattarai will say that no other program will be held from 9 to 13 November.

He said that he was happy when delegates from all over the country came to visit various places after launching Sauraha after Kovid.

The number of domestic tourists is expected to increase even in the park

Chitwan National Park is also the intermediate zone and the main entry point for community forests for Sauraha tourists who have relied on domestic tourists in recent years.

From here, elephant safaris are conducted in the intermediate zone and community forests, while jeep safaris are conducted in the park. It is easy for the delegates and supporters of the UML National Convention to go on a wild safari from here. There are more than 45 private elephants here.

There are 32 jeeps plying in the park daily from Sauraha area. The park charges Rs 5,000 per jeep and Rs 150 per Nepali tourist.

Amidst the corona virus epidemic, 92,209 tourists visited the park last fiscal year. Of them, 89,601 were Nepalis. Tourists going on a park safari can observe various wildlife, lakes and birds along with the forest area. Tourists visit the park mainly to see the rare one-horned rhinoceros, tiger, bear and crocodile.


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