Communist Celebration of Nepal proclaims Nepal Bandh day after today: Listed here are the explanations for Nepal Bandh

The Communist Party of Nepal (CPN-UML) has appealed to the general public to protest against the price hike by the government in the entire sector including petroleum and to make the Nepal Bandh called on November 12 a grand success. ‘Let’s protest against the rise in prices of petroleum and the whole sector!

This is the Nepal Bandh on 30th of October. Issuing a pamphlet on the topic, the CPN (Maoist) Central Committee said that the government has increased the price of petroleum products nine times and LP gas four times in a month, last time it increased the price of petroleum products by Rs. He also called on the people to make the programs of Nepal Bandal and other movements against price rise successful as the purchasing power of the people will decrease and inflation will rise further. The CPN (Maoist) has also called for continuing the struggle until the government withdraws the price hike.

According to the Nepal Bandh, all vehicles including press, ambulance, hospital related, legal practitioners (due to the ongoing agitation), diplomatic missions and garbage collection will be closed. According to a CPN (Maoist) central source, only vehicles used by lawyers, diplomatic missions and garbage trucks will be allowed to run and all other vehicles, institutions, businesses and offices will be closed due to the ongoing agitation. The CPN (Maoist) has called on all parties affected by the recent rise in prices to support the bandh. The party has called on industrialists, businessmen, professionals as well as media persons to join the bandh on Monday.

The propaganda material issued by the CPN (Maoist) Central Committee said, “The government has been continuously increasing the prices of petroleum products, food items and other basic necessities which are considered as the standard of economic affairs related to the justice-loving people and the daily life of the people.” Within a month, prices of petroleum products have been increased nine times and LP gas four times.

Petroleum prices have recently been hiked by Rs 3 per liter (Rs 5 per aviation fuel) and cooking gas by Rs 75 per cylinder. This will lead to price rise in the entire region, decrease in purchasing power of the people and increase in inflation. There is no accounting for the rise in prices of food items like rice, flour, pulses, cooking oil and sugar. ‘

The argument made public by the Oil Corporation that the price should be increased is not transparent and factual. Time cheating has been done on load-unload. Indian Oil Corporation sets unilateral prices. The burden of smuggling petroleum products at the border is being shifted to the people while it is the responsibility of the government to regulate the border. The government’s argument that the dollar has risen is false. The reality is that the Nepali currency has become inflated.

There is no plan to stop it. Transparent information on how much to buy in India has not been made public. What is the actual loss and what is the leakage? Not transparent. There is no reliable investigation into the real cause of the deficit and its solution. Reducing dealer commissions and a transparent pricing structure are needed. The role of the price stabilization branch is not seen. The Oil Corporation is not only running at a loss, the employees are taking dividends, but also taking benefits under various headings and the burden has been imposed on the people.

Corruption, leakage, irregularities, unnecessary tax cuts could have reduced the price to a great extent. The government is lazy and insensitive. Therefore, we heartily appeal to the entire justice-loving community to show solidarity with the Nepal Bandh on October 12 and continue the struggle till the price hike is reversed. ‘


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