Incident that stunned the physician: The physician got rid of the cell phone from the individual’s abdomen on this method

A person goes to the doctor when he has a severe stomach ache. After a few hours, the doctor does an X-ray of her abdomen. The doctor is shocked to see the mobile phone in the abdomen of the person in the X-ray report. He undergoes immediate surgery. This is the case of Aswan University Hospital in western Egypt.

According to news reports, the man had swallowed a mobile phone six months ago. He did not tell anyone in the hope that the mobile would come out through the natural process. Because, he was ashamed of his unnatural work. However, he went to the doctor when his stomach started hurting. Due to his mobile phone, it was difficult for him to eat.

The doctor did an X-ray as soon as the man explained his problem. A mobile was seen inside the stomach. The doctor operated immediately. Doctors say this is probably the first case of a person swallowing a mobile phone and undergoing surgery.

The health condition of the man was not disclosed even after the mobile phone was removed from his stomach. Doctors believe that the person will be completely healthy after the operation. The Egyptian media has not revealed why he ate the mobile phone.


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