It’s time to award the contract to the locals

CP Lohiya / Baitadi: Reconstruction work has been started after the paved road from Gadhi to Gothalapani in Baitadi district headquarters was demolished. The road, which was tarred by KS Construction Dhangadhi under an agreement worth Rs 43.1 million, has now been rebuilt.

Contractor Padam Gaunle said that the work of black paper is nearing completion and the work of installing street lights and painting is still pending. “We have accelerated the pace of reconstruction. We are eager to complete the road construction within a month and hand it over to the Urban Development Office and Dasharathchanda Municipality ‘, he said. Now it has been built in a mature manner. There was some work left, including street solar lights and painting. We are now preparing to complete everything and hand it over to the concerned authorities. ‘

Civil society leader Dhaniram Lohar said that the road, which was built in a year, collapsed in six months. He said, “It seems that using this road is more convenient than giving employment to our people or taking a commission from a contractor close to us.” Otherwise, no contractor has been able to complete the construction.

State MP Liladhar Bhatta said that the construction work of the main road of Gadhi-Gothalapani was resumed after the concerned bodies complained. He said that the construction work was started after the contractor company and the office in charge of construction were forced to resume the work.


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