Krishna once more joked about Mama Gobinda who had stopped speaking

Agency. When it comes to ‘The Kapil Sharma’ show being a comedy show, most of the people on this stage seem to express their anger. Especially the pair of Krishna Abhishek and Govinda. In Kapil’s shows, the couple of uncles and nephews can be seen reacting many times about their relationship. The same thing happened in Saturday’s episode. In Saturday’s episode, Krishna had been making fun of his relationship with Govinda.

Krishna made fun of the relationship
In Saturday’s episode, Rani Mukherjee visited Kapil’s show to promote ‘Bunty Aur Babli 2’. In the process, Krishna started his comedy and alerted the world about the rift with his uncle. Krishna says in the show, ‘I know everything about the film industry. My whole family belongs to the film industry. The difference is that I am not in the family today.

In a gesture, Krishna said that his family namely Mama Govinda was in the film industry. So they know all about this industry. Only today, the conversation between him and his uncle has stopped. These statements of Krishna, though sarcastic, were true. There was a time when a pair of uncles and nephews were known to create an atmosphere on stage and now they are known to make fun of each other. The relationship between the two has been deteriorating since 2016. The relationship has become so bitter that Govinda’s wife Sunita has now refused to make any agreement.

Mrs. Kashmira Shah was also ridiculed
It is not that Krishna only mocked Mama Govinda. In Saturday’s episode, he did not leave Mrs. Kashmera Shah either. Krishna told Rani that the only thing she didn’t like about Rani’s film Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye was that it was Kashmira Shah. Not only that, Krishna has said that he would be very happy if he married Nasiruddin Shah.


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