Leader Justice Jabra’s commentary has come for media intake, talks don’t seem to be most probably: Dr. Surendra Mahato (with video)

Kathmandu, 29 Kartik. Senior Advocate and former Vice President of Nepal Bar Dr. Surendra Mahato has made it clear that he will not participate in the talks convened by Chief Justice Jabra. He said, “Should a press statement be issued to call the family members?” We live in the same house. He has not addressed us. This is a statement for media consumption. Negotiations are unlikely. He would have written a letter saying that he was ready to lead the way, but he did not address the Nepal Bar. Barr has said he will not sit down for talks.

Speaking in an exclusive interview organized by Reporters Club Nepal today (Monday), he said that it was natural for the service recipients to suffer due to the Bar movement. However, they also said that they would look into the issue of habeas corpus. He said, “We have requested the 19 judges to look into the issue of habeas corpus. And, we have told them to disobey the leadership of Chief Justice Jabra. At present, this movement is in the interest of the service recipients. This movement is common.

According to Mahato, the current situation in Nepal’s judiciary is uneasy. He said, “This situation is being discussed nationwide. The bar is unanimous in favor of the resignation of Chief Justice Jabra. The program of the movement has come accordingly. Nowhere is it said that the judiciary is functioning properly. The exit of Chief Justice Jabra alone will not solve this problem. Even those who came on the streets did not sing hymns. Corruption, setting, political interference, collusion in the court culminated. When a person like the Chief Justice came to power, it ended the independence of the judiciary. This conclusion was first drawn by the ex-judge society. He said that there was distortion and inconsistency in the judiciary. It is immersed in it. The present leadership must take responsibility for this. They say he should lead the way. “

He said that all the judges except Chief Justice Jabra were in rebellion. He said, “The chief justice has to resign, this is the only option.” The protest was organized by wearing black bandages. Bar is something mentioned in the constitution. The bar has staged a peaceful protest. However, armed police intervened in the protest. He had his family’s lawyers beaten. The lawyer has not taken up arms, but the chief justice has turned the Supreme Court compound into a battlefield. By mobilizing some of their own people, some people took to the streets, vigilantes were seen on the streets. ‘

He also warned Nepal Bar not to be weakened. He said, “Bar has played an important role in every change in the history of Nepal. No one has spoken out against the bar. If the judiciary leaves the path, the bar will work to get it back on track. The Chief Justice himself spread all these things on the streets. Today, day after day, the vigilantes have come to the gate of the Supreme Court to protest. His departure alone will not solve the problem. The bar is to get the country on the right track. ‘


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