Lots of the proceedings of corruption are on the native degree and in Province 2

October 29, Kathmandu. Financial irregularities at the local level, which is the lower body of the state providing direct services to the people, have been seen to be acute.

The number of complaints regarding corruption in federal affairs (including local level) in the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority shows that there is a lot of irregularity in the area.

According to the 31st Annual Report of the Commission, the highest number of complaints of corruption has been registered in the Federal Affairs (including local level). About 32.72 percent of the total complaints are related to federal affairs (including local level).

Similarly 15.61 for education (including local level), 9.09 for land administration, 5.01 for forest and environment, 3.93 for health and population, 3.76 for physical infrastructure and transport, 3.47 for home administration, 3 for energy, water resources and irrigation. .09 and Artha 2.09.

On a provincial basis, the highest number of complaints related to corruption have been registered in the commission from the second province. The commission received 12.54 percent complaints from Province 1, 24.56 percent from Province 2, 22.59 percent from Bagmati Province, 7.16 percent from Gandaki Province, 13.72 percent from Lumbini Province, 7.98 percent from Karnali Province and 11.45 percent from Far Western Province.

In the fiscal year 2077/78, 22 thousand 625 complaints related to corruption were received in the commission. Out of them, 14 thousand 532 complaints have been dismissed from the preliminary investigation, according to the commission. Eight thousand 93 complaints have been transferred in the current fiscal year.

The commission has taken action on 488 complaints after conducting detailed investigation of the complaints received. According to the commission, 114 cases have been filed, 88 suggestions have been made, 11 have been sent in writing for action, 264 cases have been put on hold and 5 have been put on hold. The commission has recovered Rs. 63.69 million from the action.

The commission has suggested the government to implement the UN Convention against Corruption. The commission has drawn the attention of the government to improve the existing costly election system, control revenue evasion, and stop the trend of tax exemptions and exemptions.

Suggestions to the government on issues related to promotion of good governance and morality, control of revenue leakage, public finance, flow of public services and concerns of service recipients, public procurement and project / program management, agriculture, land, forest and environment, education, health, social security, communication information technology and tourism. Is given.

Investigation into major corruption continues

Speaking at a press conference held at the Commission today, the spokesperson of the Commission Narayan Prasad Risal said that the complaints about corruption at the local level may have increased due to the growing awareness among the locals about financial irregularities.

Urging the commission to be confident of taking action on the basis of facts and evidence, he said that major corruption was being investigated. “Investigations are being carried out into the alleged corruption. As the investigation has not reached a conclusion, those issues cannot be made public now,” he said.


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