On-line utility for driving force’s license is closed once more

Kathmandu: The online application system for driver’s license has been shut down again. The Department of Transportation Management issued a notice on Monday stating that it was closed due to high pressure. According to the department, the online service will be closed today (Monday) from 10 am to 5 pm.

According to Loknath Bhusal, spokesperson of the department, the online application will be open again after the pressure management in the system. It was closed due to high pressure in the middle. The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Transport Management has decided to tighten the standards by increasing the number of complaints regarding extreme negligence in the distribution of driver’s licenses.

Similarly, the ministry has set additional standards to address the grievances of the service recipients as there is a need to significantly improve the services of the transport management and driver’s license office. The Ministry of Transport Management and Driver’s License Office has stated that it will monitor the flow of services and take action if any weakness is found.

“There have been complaints from the beneficiaries that the license was distributed with open money. After receiving many complaints, the office has been asked for an explanation. We will take immediate action if any weakness is found in the staff, ”said Kumar Prasad Dahal, secretary of the ministry. “If there is any complaint in the service of the ministry and its subordinate bodies, please contact me directly and action will be taken within two hours,” said Secretary Dahal.

The ministry has tightened the rules after many complaints of financial manipulation by the office staff while issuing driver’s licenses. The ministry has twice asked the office for clarification after receiving complaints from the service recipients but no reply has been received so far. The process of construction of digital trial center has been started so that there would be no irregularities in the process of giving examination for driver’s license. The process of construction of digital trial center has been started at the trial center under construction at Belbas in Rupandehi.

A consultant is being selected for the construction of the trial center. Stating that efforts are being made to reform the office, Deputy Secretary at the Ministry Tara Gyawali expressed confidence that the complaints of the service recipients would be reduced as soon as the examination is conducted at the Digital Trial Center. A representative of the ministry has been sent to the trial center to monitor the situation from today.

Complaints of financial manipulation while getting driver’s license from the office are old. This has not been resolved yet. According to the office, the service recipients are cheated outside the office when they are not alert. He said that he was asked to return the money after a customer complained that a driving center in Butwal had taken Rs. “The problem is not with the office but with the middlemen. They come out of the office to pay for free work. The service recipients should be aware of this, ”said Chief Yadav.

According to the office, 35,000 service recipients have recently taken tokens through the Department of Transportation to apply for driver’s license. The ministry has sent a representative to the trial center for monitoring from today after many questions were raised about the driver’s license. The ministry plans to improve the service by monitoring written and experimental examinations.

The Ministry has prepared an annual work schedule and fixed the program and budget for the improvement and management of the transport sector. According to the ministry, for the improvement of the transport sector, the work of managing all kinds of records through computer has been started by organizing the transport management service offices in different districts. The Transportation Management Service Office has been established in Nawalparasi and Kapilvastu in the fiscal year 078/79 BS and the service has been started by constructing a trial center in the Transportation Management Service Office Palpa.

Similarly, an action plan has been prepared by allocating separate budget for driver awareness program and vehicle accident reduction and vehicle management. Under the Ministry, there are Vehicle Transport Management Offices in Butwal, Nepalgunj and Dang, Driver’s License Office in Butwal and Transportation Management Service Office in Bhaluhawa, Bhairahawa, Palpa and Pyuthan. About Rs. 5 billion revenue is collected annually from the transport office but the service recipients are not satisfied with the service flow from these offices. Deputy Secretary Gyawali said that significant improvement was needed in the field of transport management to provide service without complaint to the citizens.


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