Out of 40 indexed corporations, Nationwide Microfinance has the very best EPS.

Out of 40 listed companies, National Microfinance has the highest EPS.

November 29, 2078 18:10 VikasNews

Kathmandu. Among the microfinance listed in Nepse, National Microfinance has the highest earnings per share (EPS). According to the unaudited financial statements of the microfinance institutions that have been made public so far, the highest is seen in National Microfinance.

Of the microfinance institutions listed in Nepse, 40 have already made public their financial statements for the first quarter. In that, National Micro is in the forefront based on EPS. As of last September, the company’s earnings per share is Rs 106.18.

Similarly, RMDC microfinance is in the second place with more EPS. The company’s earnings per share during the review period was Rs. 101.50. And, on the basis of EPS, these two institutions are far ahead of the others.

Similarly, Kalika and Asha Microfinance have earnings per share of Rs 69.20 and Rs 63.48 respectively. There are 10 microfinance institutions with EPS ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 60. Most of them earn Rs 58 per share.

According to the latest statistics, EPS of 11 microfinance institutions is below Rs. Of which, the lowest number of horses belongs to microfinance. The loss-making company’s EPS is negative at Rs 2.72.

EPS is one of the major indicators that investors look for when trading stocks in the secondary market. How much dividend a company can pay can also be estimated on the basis of EPS. And, the more companies that have more EPS, the more investors are attracted. In addition, most investors have been investing in the secondary market on the basis of EPS.

However, investments made solely on the basis of EPS are not without risk. The EPS for the first quarter does not necessarily increase or decrease until the last quarter. The data of the last fiscal year has shown that it has been fluctuating.

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