Power on China to Examine Sexual Abuse of Tennis Big name Peng

Agency, 29 October. The Women’s Tennis Association has expressed interest after Chinese tennis star Peng Suwai revealed that he had been sexually abused by former Deputy Prime Minister Chang Gaoli. The association issued a statement on Monday urging an impartial and transparent investigation.

It also called for an end to censorship of Peng. Her social media account has been censored.

Peng posted on social media that she had been sexually abused by former Deputy Prime Minister Chang, close to Chinese President Xi Jinping. After the post went viral, censorship was imposed on the account on the social network Webo. The post was deleted within half an hour.

Peng also revealed that she had sex with Gaoli in the past and later lost contact with him. She came in contact again and revealed that she was trying to have sexual relations. She said that although she could not prove it, it was true. Former Deputy Prime Minister Gaoli has not commented on the post.

Peng, who became world number one in tennis doubles this month, has also won the Grand Slam and the French Open. She turned 35 years old. The accused Gaoli is 75 years old. He served as China’s deputy prime minister from 2013 to 2018. He was also a member of the Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party.


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