Query to Prakashman: Are you separated from Poudel workforce?

October 29, Kathmandu. As the 14th General Convention of the Nepali Congress is approaching, Ram Chandra Poudel and two other aspirants for the chairmanship of the non-establishment group Prakashman Singh Are away

Former General Secretary Singh, who did not even attend the meeting convened by senior leader Poudel recently, is in a position to fight for the chairmanship in any case.

However, he says that he is ready to form a team when he is promoted as the chairman. Online news workers on the dissatisfaction in the Poudel group with Singh, who recently visited India Khagendra BhandariExcerpt from a conversation with:

He used to say that we will field a common candidate in the General Convention.

We are sitting again and again for consensus. Everyone knows that the party president wants it. Everyone who is claiming candidacy is saying that he is the best. However, when evaluating the cadres, it comes to the question of who did what in the past while being responsible.

My claim is natural in terms of seniority and positional responsibility among the so-called names now. I have become the district president of Nevisangha, district president of the party, central member and general secretary.

When the party split, I was the deputy chairman under the leadership of Sher Bahadurji. After the unification of the party, when Girija Babu was the president, I was the vice-president. In the time of Sushil Koirala, I was elected as the general secretary. I have a lot of experience in various positions.

I am saying that if there is any weakness in the need to institutionalize the Congress, I can improve it and unite all.

Lately, it seems that communication within your group has stopped, why?

The dialogue is not completely broken. When a long runner runs fast, when slow. Understanding continues to be upside down.

Even during the dialogue, it does not seem that the candidature will be finalized on the day of registration or one or two days before. Everyone thinks they are strong. When it comes time to nominate, everyone will do their own thing. Then they come to an understanding. Now it is not easy to reach a consensus in one or two settlements.

What’s so significant about a goat’s head? ”

There is no such thing as heartache in politics, but there has to be political justice. There should be political justice in running the group. The problem is that not everyone is treated equally. This is what is happening inside us now.

Where did that happen?

The same was seen in the cabinet expansion. I felt that there was no justice in the expansion of the cabinet.

You did not even go to the meeting convened by senior leader Ram Chandra Poudel a few days ago.

Is Poudel now separated from the group?

I am on a mission to make the Congress institutional, lawful, pure and strong. All those who support this campaign stand together. Communicates with like-minded people. If they have their own mercury, they go their own way.

Did you agree with Poudel first?

After the 13th General Convention, our meeting was held here (Prakashman Niwas in Chaksibari).

Now the party does not run like this. The present leadership has failed to run the party. Now we stand in a place where those who need a change of leadership are united. From there we were in constant discussion.

Now that the general convention is approaching, it will be difficult to get along as everyone is on their own. If there is no match, I will give a suitable team. There is still time. Everyone had to do ‘realization’, if we want to move forward together, let’s form a team. Who’s president Vice President? Who is the General Secretary?

Who will be the leader of the parliamentary party? Etc. Let’s share the responsibility. I want to give the right responsibility to the right people.

Now (in the Poudel group) you have come to the conclusion that the division of responsibilities is not right, the responsibility is not given according to your ability and experience?

In order to give justice to the society and the country, it had to start from within the Congress. He did not hurt the cadres unnecessarily, everyone within the party had to experience justice.

The party should be run according to the rules and procedures. Everyone in the party must be given justice in giving roles to the party from the time of selection of candidates. Only then can the party give justice to others.

In your own words, ‘there seems to be no political justice’?

My wish is to form a team with everyone. It is politics, it is not just that it happens as expected. I am the natural candidate for the chairmanship in our group. I will not give up. I have already resigned from the post of President and General Secretary in the 13th General Convention. Now I have nothing to give up.

When it comes to forming the same team from the group and sharing the responsibilities, different roles can be proposed, right?

As chairman, I am trying to reconcile others. But I am not a candidate for the presidency. I think I can make the party institutional and strong, I will show it by working if I get the opportunity.

When you are a candidate for the presidency, do you have any suggestions on how to manage others?

Now is not the time to make it public, I have it in my mind.

While preparing to fight for the presidency in the General Convention, did you just reach Delhi secretly?

October 8 was the 107th birth anniversary of Iron Man Ganeshman Singh. The Bardia Congress had erected a full-length statue of him. I had gone to Bardiya as the district president Sanjay Gautamji had called for the inauguration. At that time friends called Delhi.

Sushil Koirala had taken me on a visit to Delhi as General Secretary in his capacity as party president. After that, I did not visit India. We have Ganeshman Foundation, friends had said to establish a foundation in India too. While in Bardiya, the news came again. From there I went to Delhi and met my friends and well-wishers.

Did you have a political meeting?

It is natural to have a political meeting with a political person, but this was my personal visit.

Photos: Shankar Giri / Online News


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