Sanjay Dutt’s daughter Trishala says, “Now I will be able to marry the individual I like.”

Kathmandu. Trishala, daughter of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, is very active on social media. She also answers questions asked by her fans. Trishala answered a fan’s question on ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Instagram on Sunday night.

In this process, the fans have asked Trishala – what is the plan of the wedding? In response, 33-year-old Trishala said that there would be a dating disaster at this age, adding that she would get married if she got a ‘proper gentleman’. Trishala said, “I will definitely get married to the prince of my dreams of love, respect and appreciation and live a ‘happy wife and happy life’.”

Fans also asked Trishala if she had any plans to come to Bollywood and carry forward Sanjay Dutt’s legacy. In response, she said, “No, I’m leaving my legacy behind.”

Even before this, Trishala has spoken openly about her love many times. According to Indian media, in February this year, she shared a story on social media from her boyfriend.

She said that she was in a love affair in which she complained that her boyfriend was gradually alienating her from her friends. Trishala said, “My boyfriend used to treat me like a garbage can.”

‘My longest love lasted 7 years’
In fact, a fan asked Trishala during the ‘Ask Me Anything’ session – How long did your longest love last?

In reply, Trishala Dutt said, ‘My longest love lasted for 7 years. But why that love broke, I do not want to say too much detail. Let’s just say – at that time we had decided to separate by mutual consent.

‘Today they have children’
Trishala Dutt further said, ‘He was ready for a new life at that time, but I was not. Differences arose between us. Overall, we were far apart. This is what happens. Today she is married and has children. I wish him well. ‘ Another fan asked her if she had ever been in love.

In response, she said, “Yes, it has happened.” But Trishala did not want to say more. Trishala is the first wife of actor Sanjay Dutt and daughter of late actress Richa Sharma. Trishala has no plans to become an artist like her parents. She stays away from the limelight. But she is very active on social media.


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