SP Malla of Nepal Police named the rustic and declared the most productive of the UN Undertaking

Kathmandu. SP Dr. working in Nepal Police Hospital. Sanjna Malla has been declared the best of the UN mission in the name of the country. She was declared the best in the Congolese peacekeeping mission. He is the head of the health and environment unit. Malla has been the best of all UN missions.

Malla has been awarded the 11th UN Women Police Officer Award for her role in epidemiology, health and environmental protection. He has been instrumental in establishing a health and environment unit in the Congolese capital, Kinshasa.

Police Spokesperson SSP Basanta Kuwar said that Malla was the first police officer to receive a major award from the United Nations. According to him, Dr. Malla was presented with the award by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on November 23.

Spokesperson Kuwar said, “This level of award was received by someone from Nepal Police. This has increased the dignity of the police. The professionalism and image of Nepal Police has become even higher. The organization is proud of that. ” Dr. Malla was assigned to the mission seven months ago. She is working as a dental specialist at Nepal Police Hospital.


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